Elevate your protection with Advanced Threat Monitoring (ATM).

Heavy reliance on monitoring tools can lull organizations into a false sense of cybersecurity. Leidos ATM service puts human intelligence in the loop to support a proactive defense against sophisticated, advanced and persistent threats. ATM is the security guard at your virtual door, always on the lookout, detecting threats before they do harm.

Watch the 3-minute video to learn more about the service:


Are you covered?

Strengthen your team with a service that delivers timely, relevant, actionable alerts and remediation of APT targeting your systems. Our Advanced Threat Monitoring (ATM) service is flexible, scalable, and customizable to your business. ATM will enable your team to:

  • Eliminate false positives
  • Reduce time to remediate detected threats
  • Connect the dots to create actionable context
  • Execute action plans with input from Lockheed Martin expert analysts

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