Cybersecurity Blog: The Cyber Scene is evolving, are you?

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Michael Katz is the Senior Marketing Manager for Cyber Markets at Leidos Cyber, Inc.

Please see links below to Case Studies in Financial Services Cybersecurity:


Critical infrastructure is not limited to just the energy and utilities sectors. The Financial Services sector is just as critical to a country's security as any nuclear power plant or energy delivery system. It is a hard to imagine our lives with an impaired or disrupted financial commerce system. To address this threat the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) was launched in 1999. It is the global financial industry's go to resource for cyber and physical threat intelligence analysis and sharing. FS-ISAC is unique in that it was created by and for members and operates as a member-owned non-profit entity. Leidos Cyber, Inc. is proud to be an “Affiliate Member” of FS-ISAC.

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Struggling with internal security teams that are short-staffed, overworked, and underskilled, today’s CISOs are turning to information security consulting providers for needed expertise. But who should they turn to in a market full of choices?

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