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Release of ASM 6.0 was a significant milestone for our team and the Industrial Defender ASM solution stack. In a little more than two years from its first release ASM has captured the mindshare of the OT market. With ASM 6.0 we’ve introduced new applications and several key improvements to existing applications. After a successful controlled introduction process we are to happy to announce the general availablity to the market.

Industrial Defender solutions will be the standard across our entire fleet." – Leading US Utility

New Capabilities

Work Automation Suite, is a premium application targeted at Compliance and Operations users for a guided workflow when tracking planned changes in the OT environment. The application will help automate the tedious task of generating pre and post change reports, while storing all required change artifacts in a single, accessible container. We worked extensively with the user community to create this application and have received positive feedback on its usefulness in helping with the mission of continuous compliance.

Industrial Defender ASM FleetView™ is a new product in the ASM suite for organizations that have multiple Industrial Defender ASM installations and need a single view of Operations and Compliance. FleetView™ is designed to be a receive only application that corporate users access to view key metrics across the operating plants such as the configuration change activity, compliance to corporate policies and high priority security events. Below is an example of a fleetwide deployment of Industrial Defender Solutions accross an Electric Utility supply chain.


Updated Application Features; Policy Libraries and New Reports

  • As part of our commitment to the user communitywe are constantly improving our solution to meet your needs. We’ve made many different updates in 6.0, based on your requests.
  • Policy sets for NERC, NIST and NEI help existing and new users check their asset configurations against these standards and make corrections as necessary
  • New reports for Asset Configuration Baselines and tracking User Activity
  • File baselines to track changes to configuration files such as iptables and firewall.conf
  • New network baselines file to track network activity changes when used in conjunction with Industrial Defender NIDS
  • Hardware and software platform upgrades provide a more powerful solution that meet your project needs today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Want to change how you manage change?

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Aruna Sreeram is a former software developer leading the Product Management team at Leidos Commercial Markets. Aruna has worked extensively analyzing markets and customer needs in shaping commercial products. She is based in Foxboro, MA.