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Struggling with internal security teams that are short-staffed, overworked, and underskilled, today’s CISOs are turning to information security consulting providers for needed expertise. But who should they turn to in a market full of choices?

Forrester Research’s comprehensive report, The Forrester Wave™: Information Security Consulting Services, Q3 2017, evaluates 15 global cybersecurity services firms, including Leidos, BAE Systems, KPMG, and IBM, to help security and risk professionals make the right choice.

Using 26 evaluation criteria, Forrester assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the industry’s top firms across three categories:

  1. Current Offering. Firms were assessed across a range of areas, including engagement, collaboration and knowledge transfer, delivery competency, service variety, skills and capabilities.

    In this category, Leidos achieved the highest possible score for our competency to delivery results and to technically assess a company’s capabilities, methodologies, and knowledge management. We were also the only participant to receive a 5 rating in “Security Team Engagement.” In addition, we scored high for our range of services, key market differentiators, and our ability to collaborate and transfer knowledge to clients.

    According to Forrester, “Organizations looking for deep technical expertise that also need to reset how they build, run, and manage their information security program should consider Leidos. CISOs that need help showing how their security programs are progressing year over year should also meet with Leidos.”
  1. Strategy. Service providers were evaluated across areas such as information security focus, corporate vision, staff retention and training, business performance, and methodologies and knowledge management.

    Here we scored moderate to high in most areas, and were awarded one of only three 5s in “Methodologies and Knowledge Management.” However, our company’s strong focus on security and IT operations makes us less diversified than the larger firms evaluated, such as KPMG, Deloitte, and IBM, and therefore less “strategic” in Forrester’s eyes.

    Nonetheless, Forrester declares that “Leidos creates value for clients by using security maturity and threat intelligence” …which we do.
  1. Market presence. Finally, Forrester examined each service provider’s revenue, employee count, and client base.

    As one of the smallest firms evaluated, Leidos scored fair in this area. It is worth noting that only Deloitte and EY, both global firms, scored 5 in this area.

Overall, Forrester’s report is a good third-party validation of our IS consulting services. Compared to forrester-wave-information-security-consulting-services-graphic.pngsome of the largest companies in the world, we are a strong performer, but we are not in the business of being all things to all companies. Rather, we are laser-focused on having the best people, process, and technologies to help companies defend themselves against security threats.

Discover for yourself how Leidos can help you with your cybersecurity program. Contact a representative today.

Download the full report: The Forrester Wave: Information Security Consulting Services, Q3 2017

Michael Katz is the Senior Marketing Manager for Cyber Markets at Leidos Cyber, Inc.