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Successful integration, motivated leaders, and driven employees propel Leidos to the #1 fastest growing cybersecurity consulting company

Coming in at the No. 1 spot with an astronomical growth rate of 82.1 percent year over year was Leidos. The company reported cybersecurity consulting revenues of $285 million in 2016, up from $157 million the year before. –

A year after Leidos acquired Lockheed Martin IS&GS, inclusive of their Cybersecurity Practice, the organization is reaping the rewards of a strong partnership. Most recently ranked No. 1 on as the Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Consulting Company, Leidos continues to invest in our portfolio and people to provide organizations best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions based on our decades of experience defending against arguably the most persistent adversaries.

In the past year we’ve enhanced our portfolio to offer end-to-end solutions to address leading cybersecurity challenges facing organizations globally:

  1. External Threat Detection & Remediation (MDR)
    In June, Leidos announced its new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service born from the integration of Leidos MSS capabilities and Lockheed Martin IS&GS offerings, Advanced Threat Monitoring service and Endpoint Detection and Response The resulting MDR service that goes beyond traditional Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) or Incident Response (IR) services. MDR is a continuous, end-to-end service that detects malicious threats earlier, provides comprehensive analysis of intrusions, and delivers immediately actionable guidance for future prevention based on intelligence gained.

    Every breach starts with a threat that went undiscovered. Finding threats can take security teams 6 months or more and minimizing the time to discover a given threat is critical.  By leveraging MDR, security teams can detect threats real-time during the delivery, exploit, install, or command and control stage instead of recognizing a breach after its damaging “actions on objectives” has occurred.

    MDR’s strength of detection is achieved by two major components, visibility and human analysis. We leverage technology, proven processes for analysis, and experienced cyber threat analysts to support our clients’ network defense teams.  Together we discover threats sooner and respond to incidents faster, resulting in smarter protection for your enterprise.

    “Our clients will see improved security overall, reduce internal alert fatigue, minimize costly IR engagements, improve situational awareness and reduce business exposure,” said Mark Sherman, Director - Managed Services, for Leidos. “All without the burden of managing new technology or hiring additional staff resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.”

    Leidos' seasoned security analysts and NSA-accredited incident response teams provide deep expertise enabling them to identify and thwart the efforts of attackers targeting the enterprise.

Leidos identified in Forrester report as a leader in the emerging MDR space

The Market for Managed Detection and Response Booms In 2017

  1. Insider Threat Detection & Remediation
    Building on our award-winning insider threat detection product, Arena ITI, Leidos unveiled our full end-to-end Insider Risk program this year. Our mastery of insider risk program best practices will help inform and influence decision makers on the most effective risk treatment recommendations and include the optimum risk treatment solutions for your organization. We provide a comprehensive, holistic, and product agnostic view. Leidos is a total insider solutions provider, coupling an entire suite of cyber products to address technical insider threat issues.

    Leidos offers four solutions to help you with your insider risk management program. These solutions can complement existing technical tools or may be employed independently.

    1. Evaluates and measure your organization’s existing capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to an insider threat with our Insider Risk Assessment.

    2. Develop a vision for your insider risk program and initial framework to drive your program toward optimization with our Insider Risk Program Design and Implementation Services.

    3. Incorporate insider threat identification technology with Arena ITI™ to seamlessly integrate structured and unstructured contextual information, as well as data from cyber monitoring applications to provide a highly robust and effective insider threat detection solution.

    4. Leverage investigative experience with our in-house analytical resources and highly-skilled cyber forensic experts with our Investigative Response Service.

    Our array of insider risk solutions and team of insider risk experts are ready to assist you through all phases of assessing your current risk profile, creating and administering a comprehensive insider risk management program – including the best technology for your specific needs – and helping you to respond to insider incidents if they do occur properly.
  1. ICS Visibility & Management
    In the last year the ICS market has demanded better fundamental cybersecurity planning and enhanced visibility to threats as recent news articles will attest. Leidos has addressed this demand by providing Process Control Security Services and enhancing its market leading product, Industrial Defender ASM®.

    Leidos employs a specialist team of Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) qualified process security engineers and consultants with over 120 years combined experience who focus solely on Operational Technology (OT) systems covering a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Shipping, Nuclear, Energy Creation and Distribution, and Manufacturing.

    The Leidos approach focuses on people, processes, and technology delivering consultancy services ranging from Security Risk Assessments, Situational Reviews, Gap Analysis, and Vulnerability Assessments. We can assist you through your security journey and beyond by applying a mix of recognized standards and industry best practices, to provide a clear and concise picture of your organization’s current security posture identifying where potential gaps exist. With a demonstrable track record of undertaking cybersecurity projects, our team appreciates the unique requirements of OT systems.

    Our team service offerings range from ensuring that “BASIC” OT system security is addressed providing a solid foundation for the creation of a roadmap that identifies short, medium, and long term strategies significantly raising the security posture of your organization, to more sophisticated activities including designing and implementing OT Network Management Reference Architecture. By offering an impartial and vendor neutral view, we help our customers drive security and safety forward while developing a plan for further action and ongoing sustainment.

    Industrial Defender ASM addresses the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Over the last decade, Leidos has developed and delivered a single unified platform to secure and manage control environments for critical infrastructure protection. Industrial Defender ASM has been enhanced to include passive monitoring capabilities, enhanced graphical asset mappings, and will launch an OT vulnerability assessment service later this year. Future roadmap includes the introduction of big data visualization much-needed visibility and insight into the vast Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

    Industrial Defender ASM is the industry standard for maintaining availability and reliability of critical infrastructure amid escalating cyber threats, increasing regulatory burdens, and accelerating ICS management challenges. Over 400 companies in 25 countries rely on Industrial Defender ASM solutions to configure, manage and secure their critical infrastructure while reducing costs, manage risk, and enhance operational excellence.

When asked about what’s propelling the organization’s 2017 growth, President of Leidos Cyber, Bob Meindl said it could be attributed to three things, “Leidos successful integration, motivated leaders, and driven employees.” He continued, “At Leidos, our team of cyber defenders is committed to the long term evolution of our clients, building upon a strong foundation and maturing capabilities to meet their challenges as the cyber threat landscape evolves over time.  We strive to keep our clients ahead of the adversary by ensuring a mature cybersecurity posture through technology, processes and most importantly, the right people… People with “Defender DNA.” 

As cyber-threats continue to emerge and the cyber posture and attack surface of an organization evolves, our end-to-end solution matrix allows our partnership to evolve as well – from trusted advisors, to skilled analyst evaluations, to Security-as-a-Service and more – we serve our clients throughout their entire cyber journey.

Contact our team today to discuss your cybersecurity program needs.

Joe McMann is the Cyber Strategy Lead for Leidos Cyber. He has a long history in the trenches as a network defender and analyst. Beginning with computer forensics in support of internal investigations for Lockheed Martin, he went on to spend 8+ years in LM-CIRT performing various roles; intrusion forensics, intelligence analysis, and lead analyst for multiple enterprise-scale incident response efforts. McMann has been a part of the, now Leidos Cyber group, since 2014. With over a decade of network defense experience, Joe has proven to be a strategic asset and trusted advisor for clients looking to integrate solutions that propel their network defense capabilities forward and support their cybersecurity maturity journey.