Cybersecurity Blog: The Cyber Scene is evolving, are you?

New features make compliance and configuration management easier than ever!

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Industrial Control Systems / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (ICS/SCADA) devices monitor and control critical infrastructure, but what tools monitor these systems? Many ICS/SCADA systems were developed and deployed before the evolution of today’s cybersecurity threats. These systems were not designed to interface with modern IT security architecture. Typically they lack local intelligence or security awareness. Most ICS/SCADA systems are protected only by a firewall, leaving OT security operators with little understanding of who or what may be trying to penetrate and breach there systems. Passive monitoring helps fill this ICS visibility gap.

Passive monitoring deploys non-invasive network sensors that capture the communication between SCADA and PLC devices looking for possible threats. These devices listen to network traffic and have a learning capability that captures the typical communication between devices and report out when anomalous activity is detected.

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Leidos has just enhanced its Industrial Defender ASM® to support passive monitoring of ICS assets, now combining market leading active monitoring with full passive monitoring support. Adding passive monitoring support increases key asset visibility capabilities and enhances our customer’s ability to detect and prevent anomalous behavior.

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