Cybersecurity Blog: The Cyber Scene is evolving, are you?

Spear Phishing

The fraudulent practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information.
"spear phishing represents a serious threat for every industry"

How does this serious threat effect your organization? We’ve built a detailed analysis of how one adversary takes a very personal approach to the classic supply chain attack. It analyzes the attack end to end, using the Cyber Kill Chain® analysis framework, including review of how a targeted email was delivered and weaponized.

Note: All names are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or companies is unintentional.

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“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Sir Winston Churchill

This summer our team has been traveling the globe with our message of cyber enlightenment. Through real-world accounts of how we’ve helped some of the world’s most prominent companies mature their cybersecurity posture, our analysts have inspired hope and doled out practical steps both practitioners and leadership can take to shore up their networks.

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How to assemble a team with the skills and qualities needed to outpace today’s evolving threat landscape

We are defenders. It’s in our DNA. While defending cyber interests globally we’ve developed a skilled team, advanced capabilities and a proven framework to proactively protect what matters most. Our solutions promote a mature cybersecurity posture.

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2016 is well under way and this time of year it can be tough to justify training budgets. As an instructor for our Experiential Cyber Immersion Training and Exercises® (EXCITE®) course here at Lockheed Martin, I interface with a lot of computer network defense teams. Over the years I've noticed organizations fall into the trend of allowing the newest tools to drive their analyst training program. Others let their employees self-select training they feel would be the best fit for their role. But these routes can lead to over-reliance on technology, skill set gaps, and disjointed teams. I'd like to take a slightly different approach and suggest three things to add to your in-house training program that you won’t find in traditional classroom curriculums.

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