Cybersecurity Blog: The Cyber Scene is evolving, are you?

A recent Ponemon Institute survey, Intelligence Driven Cyber Defense, sponsored by Lockheed Martin, surveyed security and risk professionals regarding their organization's cybersecurity programs and methodologies. The express purpose of the survey was to collect feedback about resource allocation and implementation in organizations that are proactively addressing the need to reduce risks posed by cyber adversaries such as hackers and cyber criminals. The survey aimed to answer the question: are organizations embracing new approaches, like an intelligence-driven cyber defense strategy, to protect themselves as cyber attacks become more recurrent and severe? The key findings of the survey can be arranged into three specific themes including challenges addressing cybersecurity risks, cybersecurity strategies missing the mark and achieving an intelligence driven cyber defense.

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The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit held in National Harbor, MD in June fostered a lot of great conversations. As one of the most important gatherings of the IT security and risk community, it was the ideal venue for discussing the ever-evolving threat landscape and ways to stay ahead of the adversary.

Lockheed Martin took the opportunity to engage with attendees on the show floor about ongoing cyber trends and current challenges facing their organizations.

Recent 2015 Ponemon surveys on Intelligence Driven Cyber Defense and Risk & Innovation in Cybersecurity Investments paint a consistent picture across all industries:

  1. Leadership is engaged in the cybersecurity conversation more than ever
  2. Cyber budgets are increasing
  3. Adversaries are relentless

Below are some of the results from the survey we conducted.

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This year’s Critical Asset Summit took place in Houston, Texas which is appropriate given the topical agenda germane to the threats facing Oil & Gas process control professionals. With the acquisition of Industrial Defender by Lockheed Martin nearing its one year anniversary it was fitting to leverage this event to continue socializing Lockheed Martin’s unified IT and OT cyber security capabilities specifically for the Oil & Gas process control space.

...coming together not only to address the continuing cyber threats and set precautions framework, but most importantly to provide necessary tools, insights and methodological steps in constructing a successful secure policy."

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Last week, we looked at the second of three oil and gas deep dives when we examined the role that operational technology and information technology play within this sector.

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On May 29, 2009, the President of the United States gave a speech on securing our nation's
cyber infrastructure. Despite the fact that we were in the height the great recession at the time, the importance for cyber security prompted immediate attention and awareness by the Executive office.

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Cybersecurity is a gigantic topic. It’s more than just technology. It’s a careful mixture between art and science. Understanding the mechanics behind protecting, identifying and thwarting attacks, although crucial to the science of cybersecurity, represents only one side of the coin. Knowing your enemy, understanding the sociopolitical nuances of your environment, and predicting where you’re most likely to get attacked, that’s art.

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