Meet Our Defenders



Defending against sophisticated cyber threats takes more than technology. It takes people. People with skills and innate qualities to outpace today’s evolving threat landscape. Qualities we call “defender DNA.”

Jim Diecks | Solutions Engineer


What drives you to be a Defender?

I love solving hard problems, and the cyber security space is fascinating to me. It’s constantly changing and pushes defenders to always be at their best.

What is your strongest defender DNA quality?

My drive and excitement for learning and problem-solving. With an ever-changing threat landscape, a dedicated defender needs to be continuously learning about the challenges presented by new and sophisticated adversaries. You can’t become complacent, or get discouraged by the challenges this dynamic presents.

How do you prove you have defender DNA?

I listen, and I’m able to think outside the box. Rather than just telling clients what they need, I listen and strive to understand their challenges and goals. Cyber security is not “one size fits all,” and the best way to help someone is to first understand the unique characteristics of their environment, capabilities, and mission. After gaining an appreciation for these things, I’m able to more accurately and efficiently determine what would best serve their needs. Sometimes, this means unique solutions to meet challenging requirements.

How does your defender DNA benefit Leidos clients?

My goal is always to help clients reach their fullest potential, treating them as partners with a common mission. My focus is not on selling products and services, but rather, how to produce measurable outcomes to security challenges. I don’t want to just sell products to clients; I truly want to help position them for defensive resiliency and accelerate their cyber security initiatives.