Meet Our Defenders

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Defending against sophisticated cyber threats takes more than technology. It takes people. People with skills and innate qualities to outpace today’s evolving threat landscape. Qualities we call “defender DNA.”

Lynsey Caldwell | Training and Employee Development Program Manager

What drives you to be a Defender?

Companies often see security breaches as a result of the human element not being fully understood or underestimated. Security technologies can provide protection only to a certain extent; therefore, it is critical to educate others on the risk the human element poses. I can rest easy knowing I made a direct impact by educating clients – changing a user’s potentially harmful decision. Effective training programs are key to securing data, and it is a privilege to make a difference one employee at a time.

Internally, as I train and onboard new hires into the world of cybersecurity, I experience firsthand the results of a positive onboarding experience. Happy employees make expert cyber defenders, and that is evident in all that we do!

What is your strongest defender DNA quality?

I analyze whether we are asking the right questions, dive deeper, and investigate. I believe that asking the right questions is critical to learning, whether that unveils a gap or explains why our product/service is a good solution for each unique environment. Sometimes, it takes peeling an onion layer by layer to fully understand client goals and pain points. This can help break patterns that clients may not be aware of and increase knowledge retention and sharing. Investigative questions can be a potent tool to inspire new ways to do business.

How do you prove you have defender DNA?

Effective training programs are more of an art than a science. I strive to find the root cause of any learning challenges and ways to develop, attract, and retain hard-to-find cyber talent because they play such a critical role in securing our nations’ infrastructures.

How does your defender DNA benefit Leidos clients?

Besides teaching our clients how to improve their security awareness programs, I also teach our internal teams how to understand their training weaknesses to better serve our clients. This builds an army of Cyber Defenders who are ready to battle the threats for, and with, our clients. I educate our people on cybersecurity and our portfolio, so they are better equipped to help our clients protect their most critical assets. Ensuring that we can effectively tailor the right offerings to a client’s environment based on their unique challenges results in client trust and loyalty.