Post-Webinar Report

Diving Deeper Into the Details of Nuclear Power Security

An extensive post-webinar report to the Diving Deeper Into the Details of Nuclear Power Security webcast. All utilities participating in our digital and interconnected world face the risk of security issues. This whitepaper discusses security and cyber security within utilities, the history of cyber security in nuclear power, the implementation of cyber security requirements, real-world cyber attacks, and the safety and security relationship. At the end of the whitepaper, read through intelligent participant questions, knowledgeably answered by industry experts.

This white paper also includes Intelligent Utility’s list of the four top takeaways in researching and publishing a print issue focused on security and cyber security:

  1. Converge and integrate IT and OT groups with the physical security group
  2. Spread the culture of security
  3. Timely access to information is key.
  4. It’s time to act

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