Chemical Processing

Monitor, manage and protect assets across process control systems. 

Armed with real-time intelligence about your people, technology and processes you can better secure systems and protect intellectual property.


Cybersecurity Solutions for Chemical Processing

With tightening operating budgets, organizations in petrochemical and specialty chemicals industries need systems and processes that automate the collection, analysis, and reporting of data essential to assessing system criticality, optimizing asset performance, and improving cybersecurity.

To assure the security and safety of high-risk facilities, chemical companies rely on Leidos' comprehensive suite of solutions to protect their control system assets from cyber intrusions, exploits, and inadvertent yet damaging actions of well-intentioned insiders. Our solutions provide:

  • Enhanced asset optimization with our asset management application
  • An unprecedented level of situational awareness with our event management application
  • Automated notification of configuration changes to endpoints or modifications to files and directories to protect against intellectual property theft

Case Study

Protecting Critical Process Control Networks

When a Fortune 500 chemical company serving more than 90 countries globally began to outpace its engineering resources, their ability to monitor and apply effective predictive maintenance to their control systems was reduced.  Leidos' Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager® (ASM) solution was proposed to alleviate this and other challenges. The solution demonstrated and delivered:

  • No adverse impact on operations or systems
  • On-demand data supporting the operational and compliance requirements for Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

Download the chemical manufacturer case study and learn more about their challenges, decision process and effective implementation of Industrial Defender ASM.


“With [Leidos] we are able to improve operational efficiency, better protect critical process control systems against [cyber] threats and meet our external compliance obligations.”


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