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83% of financial services organizations experience more than 50 network attacks per month and take an average of 98 days to identify an attack.

– 2015 Ponemon Institute Survey



Cybersecurity Solutions for Financial Services Firms

Changing regulations and highly publicized data breaches are issues that are dominating the financial services industry. Cyber-attacks that threaten the security and stability of information technology used in financial services is a continual source of  risk.

Despite taking steps to strengthen their cybersecurity,  organizations continue to be challenged by the speed of technological change and the increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber threats. A new level of vigilance is required to safeguard financial assets and client data.

At Leidos, we’re helping firms develop a strong cyber defense through solutions built over a decade of defending our own systems as well as client systems and networks.

We leverage our experience as practitioners and industry recognized analysis frameworks, such as the Cyber Kill Chain®, to help our clients strengthen their cybersecurity infrastructure and better protect intellectual property, employees and clients.

Ready your organization:

  • Determine your company’s threat profile
  • Assess your cybersecurity maturity posture
  • Discuss strategies to evolve your defense

What’s at Risk for the Financial Services Industry?

  • Damaged brand reputation
  • Loss of revenue and competitive position when trade secrets, IP, proprietary research or software are stolen
  • Issuance of regulatory fines for insider trading or noncompliant use of customer data
  • Lost clients when confidential contracts, pricing agreements or strategies are leaked
  • Legal repercussions when confidentiality agreements are broken
  • Loss of critical and high-value personnel when salaries, perks or employment contract details are shared
  • Danger to market confidence and the nation’s financial stability when multiple organizations are hit

The Best Defense is an Intelligent Offense

Cyber threats in the financial services industry can have wide-ranging consequences, not just to organizations under attack, but to the economic health of entire nations. The next evolution in cybersecurity requires cutting edge technology, vigilant people, and innovative processes. Using a four point maturity scale we work with clients to articulate their cybersecurity baselines, identify gaps, develop strategic road maps, and support program execution to promote a proactive – if not predictive posture. 



A recent survey revealed  that 46% of FS firms named cybersecurity as their top concern – nearly double the response from the year prior.

Combating the Biggest Cyber Threats to the Financial Services Industry

Download this white paper for an overview of the biggest threats facing the finance sector and how you can protect your firm.


Cyber is a 'forever' challenge. Partner with Leidos to assist with your unified enterprise defense strategy.

Leidos offers comprehensive security services and technologies to ensure an adaptive defense strategy and mature security posture. Leidos—partner of choice for a holistic approach to cybersecurity for financial services firms.