Cybersecurity solutions for intelligence-driven defense.

Being and staying prepared isn’t simply a matter of technology. It means having an integrated, affordable, scalable, adaptable, and proven approach to security. Find out how implementing our Intelligence Driven Defense® solutions can deliver just that.



Government Solutions

At home and abroad, Leidos provides services and solutions that are the very foundation of global safety security and sustainability. Our commitment to our customers has made us the government’s number one provider of information technology for 21 consecutive years. It’s at the core of who we are.

The people, processes and technologies of Leidos sustain, secure, integrate and advance networks and systems, and train the U.S. government workforce and governments around world.

We deliver affordable, scalable and extensible solutions that...

  • Protect critical intelligence held by states and nations
  • Defend infrastructures that provide vital services to communities and cultures
  • Safeguard the economic and industrial base that fuels prosperity
  • Sustain natural resources
  • Secure the future

Cybersecurity Blog

The world is facing complex challenges that call for innovative solutions: solutions that help defend global security, push the boundaries of scientific discovery and deliver essential services to citizens around the globe.


Leidos Integrates Cybersecurity Standards into Open Source Platform

This capability enables the unique and automated sharing of cyber threat indicators and malware between organizations and cyber sensors. This translates into faster machine-to-machine sharing of information at speeds up to 40GB/second with minimal latency.

Transform Your Cybersecurity Program

Using a four point maturity scale we work with clients to articulate cybersecurity baselines, identify gaps, develop strategic road maps, and support program execution to promote a proactive – if not predictive posture. 

Take steps to ready your organization:

  1. determine your company’s threat profile
  2. assess your cybersecurity maturity posture
  3. discuss strategies to evolve your defense 



DFARS Compliance

A Targeted, Tailored Approach to Complying with DFARS Cyber Incident Monitoring

Given the increasing threat landscape targeting critical infrastructure and resultant changes in regulation including the DFARS clause (DFARS 252.204-7012) released in November 2013, there are many challenges for leaders responsible for securing companies in the Defense sector. These companies are required to have “adequate security”, which includes the monitoring and reporting of cyber incidents to protect Unclassified Controlled Technical Information (UCTI) as it relates to national security.

Dealing with the critical challenges of cybersecurity while addressing the underlying complexities of the new DFARS regulations can have a serious impact on your business operations. At Leidos we understand that impact because we face those same challenges every day and must focus on developing cutting-edge solutions to protect highly sensitive information and support DFARS compliance. We have built a targeted, tailored approach to comply with DFARS Cyber Incident Monitoring that is built on core services delivering 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring and management:

Advanced Threat Monitoring

Advanced Threat Monitoring (ATM) for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) identification enabled by Lockheed Martin cyber intelligence.



Enhanced Threat Protection (ETP) for active blocking through Email Filtering and DNS Blocking. Additional protection with classified intelligence is available through Leidos Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS).


Intelligence Driven Defense®

Leidos offers comprehensive security services and technologies to ensure an adaptive defense strategy and mature security posture.