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CISOs charged with securing both enterprise and operational technologies benefit from a partner with decades of domain experience executing cybersecurity programs that address Enterprise IT and hard-to-reach, last mile endpoints while maintaining Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations.


Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions for Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas companies are creating data, processes and technology to streamline operations, improve efficiencies and reduce downtime. These changes drive the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). The evolution of converged IT and OT systems through standard computer and communications technologies introduces new cybersecurity risks. Leidos has the experience, resources and tools to help address the unique cybersecurity challenges of the oil and gas industry.

A holistic approach managed through one partner speeds implementation, improves visibility and supports cybersecurity maturity transformation.

We enable and enhance HSE standards by ensuring availability, integrity and confidentiality of key systems and data. This improves the physical well being of employees, secures key production equipment and protects the environment. Our solutions help you address your broad cybersecurity needs.

Consulting, staff augmentation, and turnkey operations.

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The challenge is defending both IT and OT from cyber incidents.

Top three solutions to pull it together

Oil and Gas Industry Insider Threat
Inside & Out

Defend Against Insider and Supply Chain Threats

Insider threats, inclusive of supply chain vendors, are a growing concern among critical infrastructure owners. Whether unintentional or with malicious intent, their impact can be devastating.

The Arena ITI™ Insider Threat Identification platform helps organizations identify threats to intellectual property, confidential information, or even the sabotage of control systems or the electric grid by an employee within an organization. This solution evaluates employee attributes, behaviors, and actions based on data fusion from large, disparate enterprise systems. Analysts can drill-down for further investigation as well as discover new information through automated link analysis.

Deploy a comprehensive program to identify risks that could compromise critical information, disrupt services and cause physical harm and damage.


Operational Visibility into Control Systems
Improve Visibility

Protect Operations with Increased Operational Visibility

Situational awareness and management of policies, baselines, configuration changes, and security events within an control systems environment is critical to ensuring safe and reliable operations.

The Industrial Defender ASM platform delivers a single, unified view of asset details, systems health, and security events within the industrial control systems environment.

  • Deploys across multiple vendor systems
  • Deploys without rebooting or interrupting service
  • Manages geographically dispersed and hard-to-reach serial end points
  • Automates data collection for internal and external audit reporting

Monitoring with Industrial Defender ASM enables engineers to track and display critical information on utility software inventories, operating systems, and patch versions. This is all necessary to properly prioritize and process intelligence and mitigate threats to operational security.


Incident Prevention

Implement a Proven Framework for Incident Prevention

Dedicated SOC functions are necessary for collaborative defense and a mature cybersecurity posture.

SOC integration, transformation, and consulting services support oil and gas organizations as they build integrated SOCs and evolve from operations centers to intelligence centers.

The transformation from SOC to security intelligence center includes:

  • Initial baseline assessment
  • Strategic vision road map creation
  • Transformation execution support

Strategic support includes plans from staffing and training to physical design and operations evolution. Existing technologies are leveraged, and others are identified and integrated as needed to fill gaps in the security technology portfolio.


Cyber is a 'forever' challenge. Partner with Leidos to assist with your unified enterprise defense strategy.

Leidos offers comprehensive security services and technologies to ensure an adaptive defense strategy and mature security posture. Those protections extend across both OT and IT environments to secure the entire enterprise. Leidos—partner of choice for a holistic approach to cybersecurity for financial services firms.