Fleet-wide Integration

Industrial Defender ASM® delivers unprecedented situational awareness.

Aggregate data across all sites for improved visibility to quickly spot trends over time and compare systems and asset groups across the fleet for continual process improvement.

Unprecedented situational awareness for control systems

Businesses that operate today’s critical infrastructure including electric utilities, oil & gas, chemical, transportation and water companies are increasingly challenged with building sustainable, cost effective security programs to combat escalating cyber threats and growing regulatory pressures. While plants monitor the underlying operations with control systems (SCADA, DCS, EMS, etc.), these systems are vendor specific and lack the ability to talk to one another, eliminating their ability to holistically monitor and manage the assets whose peak performance is required for continuous uptime and maintaining their security posture.

Identify trends in changes across your infrastructure

Our solution leverages the vast array of information collected by Industrial Defender ASM to provide an unprecedented level of visibility into control systems including changes that occur by location, over a period of time, or to a specific group of assets such as those running Windows, or groups including workstations, switches, and firewalls, ensuring critical infrastructures maintain a strong security posture. This centralized view into assets further enables system operators to holistically manage changes to assets, reducing cyber risk across their infrastructure and ensuring maximum uptime.


  • Holistic view of changes by location, operating system, or vendor
  • Accelerate change management
  • Aggregated view of compliance efforts including non-conforming assets across the enterprise.


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