ICS Management

Monitor, manage and protect critical infrastructure.

Ensure the safe and reliable operation of your control systems. Real-time intelligence about the physical location, system health and state data of your assets is the key to reliable operations, regulatory compliance and a mature cybersecurity posture. One platform delivers it all.



Industrial Defender ASM for Automation Systems Management

Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager® (ASM) is a management platform that aggregates event and state data from industrial endpoints across all vendor systems in one location for a single, unified view of operations.

From ultra-low bandwidth constraints to proprietary protocols, Leidos' Industrial Defender solutions are designed and built from the ground up to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your control systems. The Industrial Defender ASM is the only platform to offer applications specifically engineered to address the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management in one dashboard.


  • Centralized asset repository with automated notification of changes to assets
  • Automated data collection for compliance with internal requirements, industry standards, and external regulations
  • Consolidated change approvals, documentation and reports within defined project work packages
  • Customizable dashboards support different user profiles
  • Deployed with no disruption to operations


  • Gain a consolidated view into your control systems asset base at a single site and across your fleet to monitor trends, manage events and investigate anomalies
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of compliance reporting with automated data collection and archival of artifacts relevant to regulatory requirements
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks to asset base with automated asset configuration collection, enabling you to perform on-demand vulnerability management
  • Increase visibility into systems performance including application and process failures, registry and file changes
  • Improve situational awareness and reduce total cost of ownership with multiple applications on a single platform


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Asset Management Software

Asset Management

You can't defend what you don't know.

The asset management functionality provides a single, unified view of your IP and non-IP based assets across your entire control system.

  • Reduce cybersecurity risks to asset base with automated asset configuration collection, enabling you to perform on demand vulnerability management
  • Ease compliance with best practices such as the 20 Critical Security Controls and NIST SP 800-82, regulations such as NERC CIP or industry guidelines such as NEI 08-09
  • Quickly inventory, search and report on hardware and software versions within your environment


NEW! Asset Discovery & Topology

New asset management features automate the discovery of assets, empower users to visualize assets graphically and view their status with single-click activity access. View an active topology map with full visibility into all of your connected assets. The topology dynamically expands from local, to plant, to fleet-wide views.

Discovery, visibility and management of assets in your ICS footprint has never been easier!

  • Discover new assets as they are added to the network
  • Review the configuration and control the promotion of the assets into the network
  • Zero in on connected systems
  • Find the location and validate reachability
  • Monitor for new devices and changes
  • Detect anomalies
  • Help triage alerts


Configuration Change Management

Configuration Change Management

Monitor and manage changes down to the last mile.

The configuration change management application automatically collects, normalizes, and reports changes affecting your control systems environment, regardless of vendor or location including HMIs on the plant floor and the PLCs, RTUs, and IEDs responsible for operations.

  • Manage configuration rules remotely
  • Reduce manual activities including changes to user accounts or firewall rules 
  • Centralized view of asset configurations and changes affecting them
  • Manage actual and baseline configurations to eliminate configuration drift
  • Automated data collection enables effortless compliance reporting
  • Improve control system cybersecurity using asset baselines that allow you to harden systems, disable unnecessary ports and services, and quickly identify vulnerable assets




Security Event Monitoring

Actionable intelligence from your control system.

The event monitoring application collects, normalizes, and prioritizes the vast amount of information provided by your control systems. The unified view of activity enables your team to monitor, track and review security events that really matter. The event monitoring capabilities of the Industrial Defender ASM provide an unprecedented level of visibility and the necessary foundation for a sustainable security program.

  • Analyze asset trends
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Monitor system performance
  • Consolidate event logs
  • Detect anomalies
  • Triage alerts



Policy Management

Audit system assets and streamline compliance. 

The policy management application provides you with an easy way to create, deploy, and audit compliance with policies across your control systems environment. As a vendor-agnostic solution, policies can be written and applied to multiple assets, saving time and reducing duplication of effort. Industrial Defender ASM includes standard policies for NERC CIP v3 and v5, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 08-09 cybersecurity standards, and NIST SP 800-82. 

  • Communicate new policies
  • Track acceptance
  • Manage conformance
  • Always be audit-ready


NERC CIP Reporting


Experience faster, better audit results.

The reporting application comes complete with a suite of standard reports, including a NERC CIP reporting package and a host of other reports to meet internal policies, Industrial Defender ASM eliminates the laborious manual task of data collection and report generation. The reporting application allows you to configure report subscriptions for non-privileged users, allowing them to receive reports via email, server share, and SharePoint, ensuring the delivery of the most current information to those who need it the most. 

  • NERC CIP compliance
  • Ports and services
  • Software inventory
  • Password policy
  • User accounts
  • NEW! Reports from search


Work Automation Suite

Work Automation Suite

Integrate and automate.

Work Automation Suite is an optional application that integrates document management, and reporting as part of a structured workflow. Work Automation Suite enables ICS professionals to streamline and eliminate the manual processes associated with change management.

  • Workflow: The structured workflow enables operators to initiate a change, define assets that will receive the change, upload related test documents, track progress, and automatically report on progress streamlining the entire process.
  • Document Management: A central repository for documents related to a change including approvals, test documents, configuration files, and approvals is provided as part of the workflow, capturing all related information in a single storage container. 
  • Automated Reporting: Leveraging the policy management application, reports will be run automatically based on completion of the change, a defined time, or at a set interval ensuring you never lose track of the changes and can easily see impacts of a change on cybersecurity requirements.  


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