APT Simulation

Be confident you’re prepared for the most advanced cyber threats.

Understanding your enemies’ tactics, techniques and procedures is important. Knowing how – or if – your organization can effectively defend against them is crucial.


APT Simulation

Advanced persistent threats (APT) represent well-resourced, trained adversaries that conduct multi-year intrusion campaigns targeting highly sensitive economic, proprietary, or national security information. If they’re successful the results can be catastrophic.

The APT simulation is an orchestrated test emulating adversarial tools, tactics, techniques and procedures of more than thirty-five tracked APT campaigns. Using the Cyber Kill Chain®, our team assesses an organization’s capabilities to detect, monitor and mitigate advanced threats – specifically APTs and hacktivists.

Profile of an APT

  • They use advanced techniques like 0-Day exploits, targeted social engineering campaigns, and custom attacks designed to bypass traditional controls.
  • They are persistent –the attacker is willing to plan, learn and move covertly to avoid detection, even if it takes months or years.
  • These threat actors have evolved from automated broad-based attacks to targeted adversarial activity with established and defined goals – IP compromise, information disclosure, credibility damage, service disruption, etc.

“One in five organizations has been attacked by an APT…”
-ISACA global study

Four reasons why an APT will breach your network and how to prevent it.


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