Cyber Threat Analysis

Proactively address your vulnerability landscape.

Introducing a revolutionary level of contextual insight into your organization’s exposure to developing cyber threats. Leverage open-source intelligence to address data leaks, identify vulnerabilities and better detect and defend against cyber-threats.


Cyber Threat Analysis Service with Open-Source Intelligence

Leidos cyber analysts leverage open-source intelligence (OSINT) to perform cyber threat analysis of content posted on web and social media sites. Our service is built on a big data analytics engine, tuned to collect, analyze and filter cyber threat information from multiple online sources.

Keywords and posturing detected by positive and negative tones surrounding people, locations and organizations are tracked across multi-language internet data sources including: websites, blogs, RSS feeds, news outlets, forums, databases and social media streams. The aggregate picture of disparate data points collected provide insight into an organization’s threat profile, vulnerability landscape and social sharing habits.

This open-source intelligence can be used to monitor externally accessible data about an organization’s cybersecurity technology footprint and executive exposure. Threat actors can exploit this data to:

  • learn where their current TTPs will be most effective
  • construct attacks that avoid or subvert known security measures
  • check publically reported vulnerabilities

Leidos can mitigate this type of company profiling risk by delivering open-source research, monitoring, and reporting that provide customers with actionable intelligence. Beyond monitoring corporate exposure, report findings can be leveraged to provide physical security alerts, predict impactful geopolitical events and identify counterfeit or IP theft profiles.

Reach a new level of cyber threat situational awareness, prevent threats by predicting attacks and increase protection by knowing what and how to defend.


  • Unique situational awareness of vulnerability landscape from an external perspective identifies cybersecurity exposure
  • Big Data analytics of open-source intelligence defines an organization’s threat profile
  • Predictive intelligence on broad market information to help predict the behaviors and actions of threat actors


Monitor your exposure and predict cyber threats to mature your cybersecurity posture and prevent a breach.


Web-based Publisher

Clear visibility of external threats.

Customized event monitoring and tracking of specific types of cyber threat intelligence based on your organization’s threat profile are populated in the web-based publisher. The most critical items being tracked appear on a timeline.


Analyst Intelligence Reports

Establish the connections and trends for proactive defense.

Our analysts curate intelligence and create contextual reports to support security operations. Available via the web-based publisher, this service supports trend and pattern analysis for up to eight categories of cyber threats tailored to your industry threat profile:

  • Common threats to your sector
  • Malware evolution and attack trends
  • Trends in adversarial methods and capabilities
  • Data leaks and security vulnerabilities
  • Up-to-date, strategic reports on targeted groups
  • Geopolitical relationships
  • Evolving hacktivists' ideologies
  • New APT activities by organized crime
  • State-sponsored APT trends



Analytic Support

Predictive forecasting for proactive defense.

The propagation of threat intel among web communities and a quantitative scale for ranking the most authoritative and influential authors and sources of cyber threats. Driven by machine learning coupled with input from our advanced cyber analysts, we produce predictive analysis that forecast cyber threat TTPs.

Email alerts are generated before events occur so your analysts can change your defensive posture in advance.

Maximize your cybersecurity situational awareness

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