HaaS Deployed Devices

HaaS (Hardware as a Service)

Managing hardware purchasing, configuration, deployment and maintenance is a challenge. Budgeting today for the hardware and software needs of tomorrow can be tricky. And running a business with out-of-date gear and resources is inefficient.

Adapt seamlessly to your ever-changing business needs with 360 IT – our HaaS managed service solution. Free up resources by moving the ownership and maintenance burden of business critical server, desktop and network devices to us! While you focus on your core business we can manage your IT and keep your organization operational and productive.

The service includes the standard 360 IT Managed Services features for desktops, servers, firewalls and/or network devices:

  • Remote monitoring and remote remediation
  • On-site support (when required)
  • Full access to our Technical Assistance Center
  • Secure knowledge-base and support portal
  • OS Patching and Anti-virus Updates for all assets
  • Asset performance analysis
  • Firewall firmware and M-A-C updates
  • IDS / NIDS event monitoring
  • Alert triage and escalation
  • Change tracking
  • Policy management
  • Survive™ Backup Service


  • HaaS
  • Managed purchasing process
  • Setup, installation and maintenance
  • 3-year hardware refresh plan
  • 8-hour hardware replacement SLA

Benefits of HaaS Deployed Devices

  • Financial flexibility, including no capital costs, eliminates depreciation concerns and off-balance sheet financing
  • Leidos team manages the property taxes
  • Server, PC, and network-based assets from leading vendors including, but not limited to, HP, Dell, Cisco, and SonicWall are provided to deliver robust network architecture for your business
  • All assets are inventoried and secured employing best security practices and are monitored 24x7x365 by a Technical Assistance Center IT support specialist
  • Advanced hardware replacement is provided for the service term
  • Deployed machines are fully configured to meet your network standards and requirements
  • A clearly defined asset replacement schedule is developed to prevent obsolescence of any assets within your network
  • Ensures all end-users are fully up-to-date all the time