Insider Risk Assessment

Evaluate and measure your insider risk program's current state.

When addressing insider challenges, the commercial enterprise should focus on managing the associated risks, taking into account the threats, related vulnerabilities, and affected assets. Understand and evaluate your organization’s current state, flush out vulnerabilities, identify risk treatments, and help improve your overall insider risk program.


Insider Risk Assessment

With the Leidos Insider Risk Assessment, our team of insider risk experts help you recognize vulnerabilities within your existing insider risk approach and identify the most important risk treatments to include in a comprehensive, effective insider risk program.

The Insider Risk Assessment evaluates and measures your organization’s existing capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats by following a structured insider risk assessment process aligned with NIST, ISO, NISPOM, and other industry best practices and standards. It includes a thorough review of administrative, technical, and physical controls that may be exploited by an insider to harm your organization and its critical assets, and provides a complete current state evaluation of your organization’s insider risk security posture.



  • Identify core strengths and vulnerabilities associated with managing insider threats in your organization
  • Determine if you meet applicable compliance requirements, such as NIST, ISO, NISPOM, and other industry best practices and standards
  • Provide a gap analysis to identify the most critical areas of concern
  • Review risk treatment recommendations to help inform decision makers on next steps

8 Components to Develop an Insider Risk Program

A comprehensive insider risk program requires people, processes, and tools, acting collectively to achieve the greatest benefit and return on investment.

There are eight components every organization must consider when building a successful program. Discover all 8 components.



An Insider Risk Assessment is the first step to protecting your organization from the inside out.

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