Managed Detection and Response

Early detection and proactive response for incident prevention.

Partner with Leidos to tackle one of the most difficult challenges facing cybersecurity organizations – incident prevention. We function as an embedded partner with our clients to maximize enterprise visibility, generate contextual intelligence and direct incident response and prevention strategies.


Managed Detection and Response Services

Leidos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is a new breed of solution that delivers advanced monitoring, detection, and response capabilities. Leidos MDR goes beyond traditional MSSP or IR services to provide a continuous end-to-end approach that detects malicious threats earlier, provides comprehensive analysis of the intrusion, and delivers actionable guidance for future prevention based on intelligence gained.

MDR Service includes:
  • World-class cyber intelligence analysts supporting your team
  • Implementation of consistent and repeatable analysis framework added to operating procedures
  • Biweekly, non-customer specific threat intel summary
  • Timely reports include:
    • Escalated events with detailed, actionable analysis and prioritized recommendations
    • Details of analyst investigations that do not result in an actionable escalated events
    • Summary of service outcomes, trend analysis, and continuous improvement metrics and recommendations


Why Leidos

For nearly two decades we have protected our enterprise and the cyber footprint of our clients worldwide with enhanced visibility and advanced human analysis. We continually monitor cyber landscape trends and adapt our approach to outpace cyber threat actors to defend our interests and those of our clients.

MDR Service benefits:

  • Improve situational awareness with maximum visibility and continuous monitoring
  • Reduce distracting false positives and costly false negatives
  • Prevent breaches through earlier detection and more effective responses
  • Gain contextual intelligence to outpace adversaries and maintain your defensive advantage


The cybersecurity market is shifting. Today’s ever-evolving threat landscape is driving organizations to change how they address incident prevention. 

The best incident prevention strategy starts with smarter detection for faster response.

 Partner with us.

Advanced Threat Intelligence
Improve visibility

Maximize Visibility

Technology enables maximum visibility.

Effective analysis and an impactful defensive service requires maximum visibility. Leidos MDR uses multiple technical approaches for achieving visibility across an organization’s cyber footprint. Network-based sensors, host-based agents, and log-based collectors provide broad visibility which is fed into a wide range of backend systems and platforms used by our team to analyze, detect, prevent, and report adversary activity. MDR analysts are experienced working with a wide range of technology deployed in client environments. Additionally we can consult on best-of-breed solutions to achieve maximum visibility.

Cybersecurity consultants
Generate Intelligence

Enhanced Detection

Human analysis for enhanced detection and comprehensive analysis of the intrusion.

MDR analysts use consistent and repeatable analysis frameworks such as the Cyber Kill Chain® and the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of the adversary and how their activities affect your environment.

Acting as an extension of your security personnel, MDR analysts use their collective knowledge and decades of experience to develop actionable reports delivered to your team. MDR reports focus on prioritized activities your analysts can execute to achieve maximum return on their efforts.

Network Defense Experts
Respond and Prevent

Actionable Reports for Proactive Response

MDR threat intelligence is the key to proactive response and incident prevention.

As part of the service, our team continually develops and reapplies threat intelligence through active, retrospective, and proactive means to generate new, contextual intelligence.

This advanced approach to detection and response can lead to incident prevention.

How it works?

Improve enterprise visibility with purpose-built technology: network-based sensors, host-based agents, and log-based collectors



Network Visibility

Network sensors passively handle network stream reconstruction, protocol identification, dynamic processing, metadata extraction from file attachments, and other key functions to provide reliable visibility and detection into network traffic.


End Point Visibility

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology uses behavioral analytics for the identification of post-compromise activity adept at avoiding traditional endpoint controls.


Log Collection

Leveraging existing log collection allows for a more complete understanding of the client environment and provides context and visibility into existing security controls.

Turn incident response into incident prevention.

Find out how our advanced managed detection and response capabilities can transform your network defense strategy.