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360 IT Managed Services

Technology is essential to executing the processes and procedures that support your core business. Highly available IT services, servers, email, applications and systems require management and redundancy. How you manage your technology needs within an ever-changing network environment will directly impact your organization’s productivity, security, compliance and operational continuity.

360 IT is a managed IT service expressly designed to support performance driven industries to tackle change management, security and compliance challenges. With decades of experience monitoring and managing client assets critical to operational uptime, Leidos knows the importance of maintaining a stable environment that promotes maximum uptime. 360 IT combines system health monitoring and remediation, proactive security event monitoring and escalation, and daily backup management and responsive end-user support to deliver highly available, highly reliable services. Our flexible, per-device service deployment options allow organizations to apply 360 IT managed services to specified desktops, servers, firewalls and network devices. Leidos can manage client owned, lifecycle or cloud-deployed devices located at our location or yours.

Why 360 IT?

  • Highly available data and services
  • Reliable uptime of critical systems
  • Security solutions that address external and internal threats
  • Data backup and recovery capabilities
  • Mobile and collaborative systems to maximize efficiencies
  • Technology solutions and processes that ease compliance

Service Benefits

  • Known, fixed monthly costs
  • Proactive on-going service
  • Routine daily, weekly, monthly and by-request managed services
  • Fully certified IT experts with broad knowledge base
  • 24x7 help desk available to all end-users
  • Service level agreement
  • Technical and commercially flexible deployment methods per device

Service Includes

  • Remote monitoring and remediation
  • On-site support (when required)
  • Full access to our Technical Assistance Center
  • Secure support portal and knowledge-base
  • OS patching and anti-virus updates
  • Asset performance analysis
  • Firewall firmware updates
  • Managed moves, adds and changes for firewalls, switches and virtual appliances
  • IDS / NIDS event monitoring
  • Alert triage and escalation
  • Change tracking
  • Policy management
  • Survive™ Backup Service


Device Deployment Options



Virtual desktops and/or servers are owned, maintained and hosted by Leidos.
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Hardware as a Service

Desktop, server, firewall and/or network device hardware are owned and maintained by Leidos and located at the client site.
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Client Owned

Client owns infrstructure assets at their premises and Leidos monitors, maintains and manages the environment remotely.

Cloud Services

Virtual Desktop

Cloud-Deploy Desktop is purpose-build, end-user computing that provides a fully functional internet-accessed PC that includes critical productivity applications. Access your desktop with a web address via a tablet, thin client, laptop, desktop – any internet connected device! When your files, databases and applications are highly available you’re highly productive.
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Virtual Server

Centralize your managed server hosting in our New England based, SSAE/16 Type II data centers and eliminate concerns surrounding hardware repair and facilities management. Save money and free up your resources to focus on core business roles, confident that your data center needs are being managed by our trained staff at our location.
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Virtual Infrastructure

Need a more strategic approach to your infrastructure delivery? Stop buying assets. Outsource to the cloud! Cloud-Deploy virtual infrastructure as a service includes computer network management, remote desktop sharing and automated data backup can be securely cloud-delivered to increase productivity and efficiency. 
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Hosted Exchange

More and more SMBs are making the switch to hosted Exchange.  Lower costs, better security and the ability to re-deploy IT staff for other projects and initiatives are attractive advantages of Cloud-Deploy Hosting.  A true enterprise-level, corporate email solution including contacts and calendaring – all available via a web client! Hosted Exchange can help your organization 1) free up local storage, 2) guard against message loss and 3) find cost savings over locally hosted solutions.
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Cloud Security:
Understanding the Cloud Computing Threat Landscape

Ensure adoption of cloud computing is done securely

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Service

When disaster strikes, you can be live at our site while you rebuild your site. Survive Disaster Recovery service builds on the strength of Survive Offsite Backup allowing for data to be quickly loaded onto virtual machines at our facility should your primary site suffer an unplanned outage. Upon declaration of an “event”, we spin up virtual server(s) and restore verified backups to the newly created environment in our SSAE/16 type II certified data center, minimizing your downtime and saving you money. Our data center acts as your primary site until your site is back up and running. End-users can remotely access servers, files, databases, email and other restored business systems

Service Includes

  • Survive Offsite Backup Service
    • Secure on-site and in-flight encryption of data
    • Message level retrieval
    • Block level backup
    • Client determined retention limits
  • Staff, infrastructure and computing resources on retainer
  • Semi-annual simulations
  • SLA driven results based on specific RTO and RPO
  • Recovery to Lockheed Martin virtual systems after client declares event
  • Access from anywhere post event declaration
  • Month-to-month hosted infrastructure services and support post event

Survive Business Continuance service provides you with an extremely cost effective, tailored disaster recovery solution for your virtual and physical infrastructure. It is especially well-suited to customers who require a second data center for disaster recovery but do not want to invest the capital expense to build and maintain an additional site.

Survive Business Continuance allows for your computing environment to be available at the moment a disaster strikes. There is no need to ship tapes to our recovery facility to rebuild your environment. Survive ensures your virtual environment is constantly replicated from your source virtual infrastructure using flexible and customizable recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO).

Service Includes

  • Survive Offsite Backup
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Failover and failback management
  • Disaster recovery failover testing twice annually
  • Unlimited support time during a declared emergency
  • Virtual Private Severs Include:
    • Dual core
    • 4GB RAM
    • 50GB Storage
    • VMware Site Recovery Manager or equivalent included
    • Available Additions:
      • Processor Core per VM per Survive BC Server
      • 1GB RAM - Per VM in Survive BC Environment
      • 1 GB Storage - Pooled in Survive Environment

In the event of a failure, your systems can be up and running in minutes and ready for user access.

Leidos is both a VMware Service Provider and Citrix Service Provider and can service both VMware and Citrix virtual infrastructures in our Survive environment. Both the VMware and Citrix environments employ hypervisor and/or storage based replication to enable different levels of RTO/RPO.

Our environment allows customers systems to run without unwanted network re-configuration changes for a seamless operation during an unplanned outage. This approach delivers a powerful yet economical cloud-based solution to address a key industry challenge - downtime.

On-Demand Webcast:
Creating a Defendable Enterprise via Threat-Driven Methodologies


Growing companies need the flexibility and availability of data center services in our SSAE/16 type II facilities. Our New England data centers provide organizations highly available, redundant resources securely delivered.

  • What does it take to provide high availability for your servers?
  • High bandwidth internet
  • Multiple major internet carriers
  • Multiple data centers
  • BGP/4 to guarantee internet uptime
  • Generator backup
  • Network security and monitoring
  • Physical security and monitoring
  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Standard operating procedures

Virtual Colocation

Leverage our facilities. Colocate your virtual machines at our facilities. This scalable solution is ideal for organizations looking to diversify the physical location of their data while being able to manage it from anywhere. Leave the facilities management to us so you can focus on delivering highly available systems to your end-users. Our experienced staff is available in the event that you require some hands-on assistance.

Standard VPS configuration:

  • Single Xeon Core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 30GB storage for OS partition
  • Current Windows Standard Edition
  • 5 user CALs

Service Includes:

  • Assistance with conversion of physical to virtual machines available
    • We assist with all VM provisioning. Self-provisioning not included.
    • No access to underlying management API.
  • Managed Facilities
    • Redundant tier 1 Internet access providers
    • BGP/4 support
    • Conditioned power UPS systems
    • Generator backup
    • N+1 HVAC systems
    • 99.999% uptime available
  • Burstable bandwidth
  • High speed BGP/4 to our Internet

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