Penetration Testing

Think like an adversary – be a defender.

Test your organizational technology effectiveness against the majority of common cyber attacks through active technical exploitation attempts so you can build a proactive defense.


Penetration Testing

Leidos provides cybersecurity technical services to test the effectiveness of an organization’s cyber defenses through active exploitation attempts. We identify the system components that will be securely and safely tested and determine the appropriate type of test scenarios. Before testing is conducted, Leidos and the client agree upon “Rules of Engagement” which are designed to prevent impacts to the operation. Based on the findings of our assessment and testing, we make recommendations for specific exploit mitigation steps to reduce potential cyber incident risks in an organization’s business and operational environment.


  • Test: Detailed technical testing through internal and/or external active attempts to discover and exploit an organization’s vulnerabilities in order to determine the effectiveness of their cyber threat defenses.
  • Outcome: Exercises identify weaknesses in system architectures, configurations, vulnerability management programs, and operating applications.

Defendable Architectures: Achieving Cybersecurity by Designing for Intelligence Driven Defense®

It is no longer sufficient to try to build hardened systems; instead we must build systems that are defendable. Download this white paper to learn how.


Penetration testing is typically executed over an Intranet internal to the organization and/or via an external network perimeter. Contact us to discuss an overview of these two approaches.

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