Process Control Security Services

Leidos employs a specialist team of Global Industrial Cybersecurity Professional (GICSP) qualified process security engineers and consultants with over 120 years combined experience who focus solely on OT systems covering a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Shipping, Nuclear, Energy Creation and Distribution, and Manufacturing. Our team can assist you to examine and assess the current security posture of your OT environment. With a demonstrable track record of undertaking cyber security projects, our team appreciates the unique requirements of OT systems and the importance placed on these systems by your organization.

Protecting Operational Technology to Safeguard Business Operations

Companies are currently facing a series of significant digital transformation challenges as Operational Technology (OT) environments become increasingly interconnected, smarter, and have a greater reliability on Commercial off the Shelf Technology (COTS). The business demand for the raw data and information produced by OT systems is growing exponentially both from an internal and external perspective.

As the demand for operational data increases, so has the volume of cyber-attacks specifically aimed at OT systems with these attacks becoming significantly more sophisticated, advanced and persistent. Cyber-attacks within the OT environment have the potential to impact a number of aspects of a company’s business including safety, health and environment, production operations, information integrity, financial performance, and reputation.

Our Approach

The Leidos approach focuses on People, Processes, and Technology delivering consultancy services ranging from Security Risk Assessments, Situational Reviews, Gap Analysis, and Vulnerability Assessments. We can assist you through your security journey and beyond by applying a mix of recognized standards (IEC62443, ISO27001, etc.) and industry best practices, to provide a clear and concise picture of your organization’s current security posture identifying where potential gaps exist.

Our team service offerings ranges from ensuring that “BASIC” OT system security is addressed providing a solid foundation for the creation of a roadmap that identifies short, medium, and long term strategies significantly raising the security posture of your organization, to more sophisticated activities including designing and implementing OT Network Management Reference Architecture.

By offering an impartial and vendor neutral view, we help our customers drive security and safety forward while developing a plan for further action and ongoing sustainment.

Why your organization needs process control security:

  • Massive rise in targeted attacks aimed specifically at OT systems
  • OT persists as an unique area for companies to secure as part of their larger cyber program
  • Production and financial implications due to a cyber attack can be severe

Video: Optimizing ICS Security

Our OT services help our customers:

  • Achieve 100% compliance with audits, internal process control policies and industry best practice guidelines 
  • Achieve zero reportable health, safety and environmental incidents triggered by security breaches of production operations and systems 
  • Sustain brand equity through avoidance of negative press coverage emanating from production operations and systems related incidents 
  • Avoid unplanned shutdown resulting from security breaches


Why Leidos?

Leidos has an enviable track record of undertaking cybersecurity projects building long-term relationships with governments and major organizations globally. We develop advanced tools and techniques based on a consistent and repeatable analysis framework to implement Unified Enterprise Defense which goes beyond the capabilities of standard security technologies to protect from the most advanced attacks. 

With over 120 years of combined experience of focus on Process Security and Operational Technology projects, our approach focuses on People, Processes, and Technology throughout the whole systems’ and projects’ life cycles to enable us to stand with you as a valued partner. To learn more, talk to a cybersecurity expert today.

Want to improve your security posture and eliminate potential loopholes in your OT environment that can be exploited?

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