Evolve security operations through intelligence.

Cyber threats and cyber budgets are on the rise. Security and risk professionals are looking to make strategic decisions to protect the enterprise and deliver results. Partner with us to build, transform, integrate and run your security operations with intelligence.


Cybersecurity Consulting, Training, and Process Development

Security Operations Center (SOC) services help organizations evolve their cybersecurity maturity posture from a broad-based, security response model to a proactive, Intelligence Driven Defense® model. 

Keeping pace with the rapidly growing threat environment takes knowledge, understanding, strategic planning, and teamwork. Engage our services team to build your organization’s operations center from the ground up or transform an existing SOC into an intelligence center poised to effectively defend against evolving threats and zero-day attacks specific to your organization’s threat profile.

Our team of advanced cyber analysts will work with your team to align your people, technology and processes to transform your monitored security operations center into advanced security intelligence center (SIC).

Engagement Models:

Choose the level of engagement that best complements your needs;

  1. consulting as you execute
  2. staff augmentation and analyst immersion working under your direction
  3. complete turnkey delivery of SOC logical design, staffing and process development and management of daily operations under your oversight

Service Components Include:

  • Assessment of SOC processes and procedures
  • Development of strategic vision road map designed to evolve people, technologies and processes
  • Consulting and/or execution support of transformation phases
    • Create physical and logical design
    • Define team roles and responsibilities
    • Fulfill Staffing, training, and process development
    • Support policy and documentation creation
    • Deploy and integrate technology
    • Support operations and sustainment management
    • Transfer knowledge to client analysts throughout the transformation and adoption process
    • Manage transition of SOC operations to client analysts for self-sustainment

Service Benefits

  • Increase efficiency through technology integration and automation. Starting with an assessment of your current technology, we look to automate where possible, tune alerting, and fill identified gaps.
  • Understand your threat profile: We partner with you to understand the threat actors targeting your organization, their attack profile, primary objectives, and attack methods. 
  • Track key metrics: Beyond event attribution, we tune tools and train staff to collect data that enables intelligence-driven defense.
  • Quickly identify and leverage actionable intelligence: The right technology and trained staff enable better synthesis and prioritization of the daily barrage of intelligence from multiple external and internal sources. 

A large security enterprise increased their incident detection and response capabilities 10x within months of implementing Intelligence Driven Defense® components with us as their strategic partner.

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How it works:

Three steps in the transformation journey



Using a four point scale we assess your organization across fifteen domains to baseline your cybersecurity posture and inform a go-forward strategy.


A strategic vision road map defines well-documented tactics and sequences client priorities for SOC operations so you’ll know what to do and when to do it.


Engagement models range from consulting and staff augmentation to analyst immersion and complete turnkey management of operations.



4 Challenges Facing Every SOC Manager

Cyber-threats are growing more sophisticated, frequent & severe – are you keeping up?
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Leidos delivers our proven methods to enterprise organizations ready to transform how they manage cybersecurity challenges.

Cybersecurity Maturity via Intelligence Driven Defense® Solutions

When it comes to cybersecurity maturity, organizations often find themselves straddling multiple levels. Supporting your strategic vision starts with assessing your cybersecurity posture today.

  • Level 1: Few or no cybersecurity capabilities or processes in the domain
  • Level 2: Nominal cybersecurity capabilities or processes in the domain but deployment, application, and enforcement are inconsistent or incomplete; threat intelligence concepts are not a factor in the program
  • Level 3: Alignment with industry best practices or regulatory compliance standards for the domain; Threat intelligence plays a role in network defense as it applies to the domain, though there is no formal adoption or application of Intelligence Driven Defense® concepts
  • Level 4: Threat intelligence is consumed and produced in alignment with Intelligence Driven Defense® principles to strengthen the organization’s posture beyond best practice

cyber maturity level


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