Virtual Infrastructure

Virtual Infrastructure

Concerned that purchasing decisions made today won't support your future computing needs? Leverage our infrastructure to better serve your organization’s needs. Our engineers will work directly with your team to design a right-fit solution to meet the demands of today and a technology roadmap to scale for the future.

Solution Sets

Computer Network Management

Managed 360 IT services enable a cloud-delivered virtual infrastructure allowing businesses to expand and contract services as their technology needs change. Our team will engineer, deploy and manage the solution that your company requires without any capital investment. Organizations can build their entire technology framework without buying a single server and solutions can be configured to support individual applications, select IT services, or a fully available network infrastructure. Virtual private servers, storage and memory can be added, on-demand, to support the requirements and ever-changing IT needs of your business.
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Automated Data Backup

When disaster strikes, you can be live at our site while you rebuild your site. Survive Disaster Recovery service allow for data to be quickly loaded onto virtual machines at our facility should your primary site suffer an unplanned outage. Minimizing your downtime and saving you money. Our Survive Business Continuance service provides you with an extremely cost effective, tailored disaster recovery solution for your virtual and physical infrastructure. It is especially well-suited to customers who require a second data center for disaster recovery but do not want to invest the capital expense to build and maintain an additional site.

In both cases Leidos acts as your primary site until your site is back up and running. End-users can remotely access servers, files, databases, email and other restored business systems.


  • Expand and contract services on-demand
  • Pay for what you use; when you use it
  • Upgrades included under contract
  • Redundant services without building out your own environment
    • Redundant data centers
    • Redundant bandwidth
    • Redundant power

Leverage our infrastructure to better serve your organization’s needs.