Virtual Server

Virtual Server

Growing companies need the flexibility and availability of virtual servers hosted in our SSAE/16 data centers. Corporate reliance on IT mandates that systems be available at all times yet, most are struggling to meet technology demands such as: additional air conditioning, reliable power, redundant Internet, security and support staff.

Small to medium sized businesses with increasing regulatory compliance concerns such as GLBA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, NCUA and others, find it cost effective to utilize our remote data centers in CT for services and security measures, readily in place, to assist in such compliance.

Business that depends on technology to get the job done needs three things:

  • Data Storage
  • Processing Power
  • Access to Applications

Historically these components have lived on physical servers with finite space and limited computing capabilities. As demand for the aforementioned resources increased more physical servers were needed. But what if you didn’t need an entire new server; you just needed a fraction of a new server? You would still need to invest in a whole new server and hope to grow into it.

The Solution? 

Leidos provides the client servers delivered and deployed on our Virtual Private Server (VPS) infrastructure.

Leidos will provide your company with the server resources required to keep all your critical systems available. Servers, storage, and memory can be added, on-demand, to support the requirements of your business. Scale device support with our managed 360 IT services to meet your immediate business needs today, while allowing for future growth.

Centralize your managed server hosting in our New England based, SSAE/16 Type II data centers and eliminate concerns surrounding hardware repair and facilities management. Save money and free up your resources to focus on core business roles, confident that your data center needs are being managed by our trained staff at our location. 

Data Center Services Includes:

  • Network security
  • Data backup services
  • Hardware and operating systems
  • Operating system management and patch management
  • Image backup and restoration


  • Network monitoring and alerts
  • Systems design support for:
    • Load balancing
    • Redundancy and failover
    • SAN/NAS support



  • Reduce energy
  • Improve reliability with auto fail-over to alternate ups/hardware
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Remote management and access
  • Capacity monitors
  • Easy expansion and contraction of resources
  • CPUs, memory and storage on-demand
  • Rapid deployment 

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Build an entire network infrastructure without buying a single server.

Managed 360 IT services with cloud-deployed virtual servers will allow you to build the solution that your company requires without any capital investment and can provide you all the services you require, including email, file storage, database, and applications.