Advanced Threat Monitoring

Increased visibility and experienced analysis.

Adversaries are continually evolving their tactics. Evolve your cybersecurity strategy to outpace your adversaries. Leverage our team of seasoned cyber defenders to monitor your environment and proactively defend your assets.


Advanced Threat Monitoring (ATM)

Advanced threat monitoring (ATM) is a managed service delivered by skilled Leidos cyber analysts. The service is built on experience and intelligence gained from more than a decade of actively defending and mitigating advanced threats.

Passive network sensors installed on your network allow our cyber analysts the visibility they need to assess network anomalies, track trends and detect threats before they do harm. Using the Cyber Kill Chain® analytic framework, analysts connect the dots left by persistent attackers to create actionable intelligence to inform a proactive approach to network defense.

ATM leverages the following technologies and delivers value in many ways:

  • Passive network sensors accommodate different network loads and permit complex, near-real-time detection with no disruption of network traffic
  • Secure, flexible, and scalable Linux platform allows easy creation of new detection or situational awareness capabilities
  • APT command and control channel detection from our constantly evolving intelligence
  • Network situational awareness logs enriched with information about particular security events and threats


  • Trained cyber analysts leverage tuned technology
  • Combat advanced threats not addressed by traditional defense in depth measures
  • Increase visibility into vulnerable network traffic
  • Minimize time to detect a breach and accelerate recovery time
  • Reduce analyst noise, prevent false positives and maximize client resources
  • Leverage skilled cyber analyst intelligence
  • Increase cybersecurity maturity posture and minimize risk profile
  • Decrease reliance on and maintenance of limited, machine-only detection
  • Human analysts provide unique insights that machines lack


Watch the 2-minute video to learn more about the service:


It takes an average of 229 days to detect an APT breach

Shorten the time between breach and detection.

How it works:

Leveraging best-of-breed technologies, the Advanced Threat Monitoring service puts skilled cyber analysts in the loop for intelligence-driven defense.



Passive network sensors give our trained cyber analysts the visibility to detect potential threat actor activities

the Dots

Cyber analysts use experience and intelligence to put network activity in context and deliver credible intelligence about attackers and their tactics, techniques and procedures

Actionable Intel

Armed with intelligence about who, what, how and why you’re being targeted – your team can better mitigate threats and build a proactive defense strategy to combat future intrusions



“There are only two types of companies, ones that know they’ve been breached and those that think that they haven’t!”

Review four reasons why an APT will breach your network and how to stop it.


Minimize risk and improve your cybersecurity maturity posture.


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