Analysis Framework

Proactively detect persistent threats.

Using an analysis framework enhances visibility into an attack and enriches an analyst’s understanding of an adversary’s tactics, techniques and procedures. Learn how applying intelligence to your cyber defense strategy is a crucial component to a unified enterprise defense strategy.


Analysis Framework for Advanced Cyber Defense 

Applying a consistent and repeatable analysis framework for the identification and prevention of cyber intrusions activity can give your team the needed edge against advanced cyber threat actors. Using a model such as the Cyber Kill Chain® or the Diamond Model of Intrusion helps analysts to view events – not as independent, isolated things but as data points along a much broader string of adversary actions.

Using an analysis framework benefits your team in three ways:

  1. Provides structure
  2. Drive consistency
  3. Results in better outcomes

Harnessing the Power of a Framework

Reshape How Defenders Problem Solve

Download our free checklist to learn what technical, organizational, and process requirements are needed to get on the path to effective use of an analysis framework.


Change how your team handles incidents.

Analysis Framework:
What It Is and Why You Need One for Cyber Defense

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