Endpoint Detection and Response

Increase visibility, detection and prevention.

Secure your endpoints with best-of-breed threat intelligence and EDR technology combined with services from our team of seasoned cyber defenders to monitor your environment and proactively defend your assets.


Leidos EDR Solution
powered by Cybereason

Leidos Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution combines Leidos' threat intelligence with the market-leading EDR platform from Cybereason.

The EDR solution uses silent sensors, installed on network PCs and servers, to track anomalies, capture trends and detect threats before they do harm. These sensors are invisible to users, never require a machine to reboot and do not overload network traffic.

The incident response console provides a visual layout of affected systems, a timeline of the breach and an action plan to enable rapid response. Armed with a response blueprint, your cyber analysts are empowered to respond. Leidos skilled cyber analysts can be called upon to assist in the investigation and offer incident response support when required.

Leidos EDR solution benefits:

  • Increased alerting accuracy supports reduction in false positives
  • Comprehensive visualization of advanced malicious operation
  • Near real-time visibility from silent sensors
  • Advanced protection through machine learning and behavioral analytics
  • Analyst action plan to enable rapid remediation
  • Analysis on demand and incident response support available

Leidos EDR Advantage

  • Delivers the only source of Leidos threat intelligence to the market
  • Provides real-time threat detection of both known and unknown threats
  • Creates context around an attack timeline, root cause, adversarial activity, communication and affected endpoints and users
  • Presents a blueprint for response via an IR console



It takes an average of 1 month to investigate an APT breach.

Shorten the time between detection and remediation.

How it works?

Three best-of-breed components deliver endpoint threat detection and response capabilities in one solution.



Leidos threat intelligence enriches the Cybereason platform with real-time updates on current cyber threat actors


Incident Response Console

Real-time analysis and breach visualization through machine learning and behavioral analytics applied to data collected through silent sensors


Analysis & Response Support

Cyber analyst support uses intelligence gained about who, what, and how you’re being targeted to mitigate current and future threats



“57% of security experts say they expect to be breached next year.” – Cybereason

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