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Develop a Successful Insider Risk Program

A comprehensive insider risk program requires people, processes, and tools, acting collectively to achieve the greatest benefit and return on investment.


Insider Risk Management Program

Insider threat losses are escalating at an alarming rate, with trade secrets and intellectual property theft projected to double by 2017. This upward trend is the result of an evolving threat landscape, including Generation-Y Millennials accustomed to evolving technology and possessing greater levels of technical expertise, the ease of taking anything stored electronically, and heightened economic pressures.

Leveraging traditional defense-in-depth models—multi-layered defensive network systems—to secure information is no longer enough to protect your organization from an insider attack.

Centered on our industry-leading experience in counterintelligence, investigative, and industry experience, we partner with our clients to provide the most robust, advanced, insider risk management program available. This requires continuous monitoring, continuous evaluation of both human and IT-centric behavioral indicators and evaluation of individual attributes.

Organizations across both government and private sectors as well as multiple industries rely on our team to help them understand and evaluate their current state, flush out vulnerabilities and gaps, develop their strategic vision, evaluate which technology is best suited to their needs, and design and implement their insider risk solution.

Program Benefits:

  • Protect critical assets and prevent loss of intellectual and proprietary property, confidential data or customer information
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, specifically for those in the defense industrial base, financial, and healthcare industries
  • Avoid immediate or future loss of revenue
  • Maintain customer and shareholder confidence
  • Avert critical system or service availability disruption
  • Prevent overall harm to an organization’s brand image and reputation
  • Deter potential insiders


Why Partner with Leidos

  • Experience & Expertise: We've developed this program and the solution that enables it – based on capabilities built over decades of experience in counterintelligence
  • Holistic Approach: Our approach relies on integration of data across the entire enterprise, not just cyber fingerprints
  • Proactive vs Reactive: We help clients advance their defense strategy and mature their cybersecurity posture
  • Comprehensive Program: Not an “out of the box” software solution
  • Technology Leadership: By adding user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) Arena ITI™ creates the most robust insider solution available


Profile of an Insider Threat:

Malicious Insider


Deliberately steals information or sabotages systems.

Malicious Insider


May be deceived by external parties into providing data or passwords.

Malicious Insider


May accidentally delete or modify critical information or unwittingly share sensitive information.

Insider Risk Management Program at a Glance

Our array of insider risk solutions and team of insider risk experts are ready to assist you through all phases of assessing your current risk profile, creating and administering a comprehensive insider risk management program – including the best technology for your specific needs –  and helping you to respond to insider incidents if they do occur properly.

Review four solutions to get started:


Evaluate and measure your current state

Insider Risk Assessment

When addressing insider challenges, the commercial enterprise should focus on managing the associated risks, taking into account the threats, related vulnerabilities, and affected assets. Understand and evaluate your organization’s current state, flush out vulnerabilities, identify risk treatments, and help improve your overall insider risk program with our Insider Risk Assessment.


  • Identify core strengths and vulnerabilities associated with managing insider threats in your organization
  • Determine if you meet applicable compliance requirements, such as NIST, ISO, NISPOM, and other industry best practices and standards
  • Review risk treatment recommendations to help inform decision makers on next steps



Develop a vision

Insider Risk Program Design and Implementation Services

Many corporations invest significant resources to improve their defenses against external threats but too often fail to protect themselves from internal risks adequately. Leidos will work with you to develop a vision for your insider risk program and initial framework to drive your program toward optimization with our Insider Risk Program Design and Implementation Service.


  • Develop strategic vision roadmap
  • Provide a holistic approach integrating data across the entire enterprise
  • Identify key stakeholders, including an executive sponsor and steering committee members
  • Resource, implement and execute the strategic vision roadmap
  • Augment existing internal resources during the program build or implementation phase



Incoroporate technology

Arena ITI™

Leidos Arena ITI is an award-winning solution that takes a holistic approach to detecting insider threats, seamlessly integrating structured and unstructured contextual information, such as performance reviews or employee information access, as well as data from cyber monitoring applications to provide the highly robust and effective insider threat detection solution.

To complement the advanced Leidos Arena ITI data and analytic models, Leidos also offers clients a solution for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). UEBA software integrates raw log type data sources and analyzes unusual behavior using machine learning models. UEBA software provides a clear picture of threats across IT systems by tracking the relationship between, and risks associated with, users, machines, applications, and files. When Arena ITI is complemented with a UEBA application, it offers clients the most robust insider threat solution available.



Leverage investigative experience

Investigative Response Service

If you suspect your organization is the victim of an insider breach, bring the focus back to the individual by conducting a proper investigation. When there is concern of potential insider activity within your organization, Leidos works with you to develop an investigative plan, gather facts, collect evidence, and guide the investigation’s detailed day-to-day execution related to the insider incident. The Investigative Response Service is customized to your organizations specific needs.


  • Leverage decades of counterintelligence and forensic investigation expertise
  • Benefit from in-house analytical resources specifically trained to assess anomalies and other indicators
  • Identify procedural gaps and recommendations to prevent similar future occurrences


There are eight components every organization must consider when building a successful program.

Discover all 8 components in this white paper.


Don’t wait to be a victim of an insider threat. Trust Leidos to help safeguard your most important assets.

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