Intelligence Driven Defense

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What is Intelligence Driven Defense®?


Organizations across the globe are being targeted by cyber threats. Attacks are becoming more frequent, severe, and sophisticated, and no industry is immune. Cyber adversaries are continuously evolving their operations and techniques. Are you?

An effective defense starts and ends with intelligence. Everyone has data, but if your technology, people and processes aren’t aligned to translate it into actionable intel, you’ll never outpace cyber threats!  To transform from a reactive strategy to a proactive – more mature cybersecurity posture – you need to shift how you use your intelligence. Tuned technology, skilled cyber analysts, and a proven analytic framework are key components to an Intelligence Driven Defense® strategy.

Intelligence Driven Defense® is a strategic methodology that will change how your organization tackles cybersecurity maturity. Are your technology investments capable of collecting the intelligence needed to proactively detect cyber-attacks? Is your team empowered to analyze the intelligence and mitigate cyber-threats?  Do you have a framework in place to guide analysis of intelligence left behind by attackers to identify persistent threat actors and even anticipate future attacks?

Stop reacting to incidents and start using your intel to proactively drive your defense! Leverage actionable intelligence to guide your every move, including purchasing technology, hiring personnel and developing processes and procedures. Every task, challenge, and decision you face will better align with your cybersecurity program objectives when made in the context of an Intelligence Driven Defense® strategy.


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Cybersecurity Maturity + Intelligence Driven Defense®

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Leidos Cyber Inc. is a leading provider of cyber security products and services, and was acquired by Leidos through the merger of Lockheed Martin IS&GS and Leidos on August 16th, 2016. Leidos Cyber's products and services leverage heritage Lockheed Martin IS&GS intellectual property and processes, including services provided using Lockheed Martin's Cyber Kill Chain® framework and Intelligence Driven Defense® methodology. (Cyber Kill Chain® and Intelligence Driven Defense® are registered trademarks of Lockheed Martin).

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