Unified Enterprise Defense

Our services, solutions and products ensure an adaptive defense strategy, sustainable threat protection, and a mature security posture. By leveraging Leidos Cyber’s capabilities, you ensure your organization will have the necessary defensive strategy, threat protection, and security posture to stay ahead of threats. We are here to help you achieve a Unified Enterprise Defense where threats are found, understood, resolved, and used to strengthen defenses.

The Unified Enterprise Defense Pillars are:

  1. SEE: Monitor cyber activity

  2. UNDERSTAND: Identify and isolate advanced cyber threat activity from normal network or system traffic

  3. ORIENT: Determine a course of action

  4. RESPOND: Take action to implement defenses and execute mitigations

  5. LEARN: Build new, actionable intelligence


Download the brief to learn more about how you can improve your cybersecurity through the application of a consistent framework and a unifying strategy.