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How to Stay Above Water While Working NERC CIP Cyber Compliance

wc-How to Stay Above Water While Working NERC CIP Cyber Compliance.pngWhat are the key program design and implementation process considerations that help utilities navigate the deep waters of NERC CIP compliance while also balancing cybersecurity priorities?

Watch our on-demand webcast presented with Peter Manos of T&D World and Josh Sandler of Duke Energy for a discussion on success criteria and priorities and ROI measures associated with utility cybersecurity compliance efforts.

Some of the key questions to be addressed include:

  • How do leading utilities assimilate process-level requirements successfully into their operations as part of their cyber security compliance program implementation on an ongoing basis?
  • What determines which processes will benefit the most from being designed to utilize the greatest depth of automation?
  • What are key lessons learned in relation to asset management as it impacts compliance efforts?

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